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The unorganized cottage type factories were using improper equipment and processing system and the manufacturing process was highly manual. We are having over 23 years of experience in this field. They always had two objectives in their mind.

  1. The up gradation of process and equipments
  2. Setting standards for quality.

With their continuous research and development, an upgraded process unit was set up in the year 2009 with lower production capacity essentially to establish data for sophisticated, modern production methods and to select process equipments and systems.

Through enormous efforts, a final setup for a 500 Ton/Month Gram Flour processing modern technology was evolved and the state-of-the art plant was utmost care from the concept to commissioning.


The plant :

  • The custom built, computerized machineries for critical quality control.
  • Very well laid out plant with congenial atmosphere for the work force.
  • A systematic production approach is used in every aspect of unit operations.
  • The plant and machineries are selected to produce Gram Flour in a highly hygienic manner with out compromising in quality.
  • Process optimization and energy saving programs are in progress for continual improvement.


The merits :

  • The largest and most sophisticated factory in Gram Flour industry.
  • The plant processing capacity is 500 Ton/Month
  • The process equipments and system are selected in such a way to add value to quality of the product.
  • Producing uniform quality, good taste in a hygienic manner through out the year.
  • An eco-friendly process operation because there is no water, air, noise pollution.


The product :

  • Anbu has set in new standards in Gram Flour and continuously developing it over period of 16 years.
  • Uniform quality through out the year in spite of the Raw Material being agro produce.
  • Every trait of the product has been taken at most care like dust, sand, stone free, crispy, golden yellow, natural smell and taste, hygienic and nutrition, size wise segmentation, accurate measurement, etc.
  • The by products also processed with a lot of care which are being used for cattle feeds purposes.
  • No wastages from plant as all the materials generated are having market potential.


The highlights :

  • Proven technology
  • Process equipment & machineries are already established and in operation for long period in north India, especially with export oriented units.
  • Anbu will be first to bring this technology, plant and equipments to Tamil Nadu.
  • The Raw materials procurement advantage: Already having an established network for procurement of Gram Flour raw material from Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Utter Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Hence the raw materials procurement can be done without additional overheads.
  • This would help us to minimize the project cost and operating expenses when compared with the stand-alone manufacturer of Gram Flour.  
  • These products are now being manufactured in cottage & small-scale operations with low technology leading to inferior quality products. This gap will be addressed with our modern plant and offering the market with superior quality products.
  • Most of our existing buyers are already engaged in trading of the products, which will make the launching and continuous sales of our products very comfortably.
  • As planned in Gram Flour, Gram Dhall, Toor Dhall, Urid Dhall, Fried Gram and Samba Rava consumer pack, we also plan to market these products in consumer packs.



Quality control is our motto. Quality will be monitored  in each and every process by experienced production personnel.



Conventional methods use the hard way to manufacturing Gram Flour from the Gram Dhall. Due to the hard process, outer layer of the dhall is also removed which is of high nutritional value. So you don’t get the full nutrition from the Gram Dhall. We are processing Gram Flour from selected good quality with colour sorted Gram Dhall. Such that we  provide Gram Flour with full and high nutritional value assuring natural colour and tasty. Jhaishri Gram Flour also gives you the assurance of quantity, quality, purity and taste.



The present consumption of Gram Flour is about 500 MT per day in Tamil Nadu alone. In SALEM Market alone about 50 MT is sold per day. Promoters have widest connection in this line of trade. Being an items of daily consumptions, the constant demand for this product exists. By encashing on their superior Quality, Color & Taste the unit will be able to market spread over ERODE ,COIMBATORE, TRICHY, MADURAI and CHENNAI. Separate marketing executives will be appointed. Sale will be effected through established marketing consultants in this trade.