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About us
          Mr. S. ANBUMANE, CEO.

          A dynamic self-motivated man, who had translated the Gram Flour technology from cottage style to corporate system through his 23 years of persist hard work. A quality conscious personality, he leads from the front with his innovative thoughts. He plays a major role in Managing Partner development with his special business acumen. manufacturing technical and marketing of Gram Flour, Gram Dhall, Toor Dhall, Urid Dhall, Fried Gram and other pulses. Normally Gram Flour is manufactured in small scale industry using conventional methods. Large number of laboures is employed for cleaning & grading, hand picking foreign materials and other impurities. He introduced mechanize unit for manufacturing Gram Flour machineries Equipped with latest type of cleaning, grading & pulverizing equipments & output of very high quality of natural colour, aroma and tasty Gram Flour is ensured.  Presently the products command premium price in the market as well as reduce the strength of power and laboures.
His interest is also in the fields of Toor Dhall, Urid Dhall and Fried Gram.

          He hails from a reputed Agricultural family in SALEM.
The country :
Since India is the world largest agricultural country, agro-oriented industries have always been the focus area for our economy.

Science and technology is developing at a very rapid speed and creating revolutions in various fields. GRAM FLOUR is being used in our food preparation day to day and manufactured in cottage sector from Gram Dhall which is taken from Bengal Gram, an agri-produce.  A modern technological advancement is brought in to the manufacture of such commodity product by our NATURALAYHA FOOD PRODUCTS.

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