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Welcome to Naturalayha Food Products
Welcome to the wholesome world of Naturalayha Food Products, capturing growth in the manufacturing of diverse range of Food Products like natural / organic pulses, Natural Gram Flour, Toor Dhall, Urid Dhall, Fried Gram, Gram Dhall, Samba Broken Wheat many other agro products. We are in the name of Jaishri / 7 Star / SRK Brands for its superior quality worldwide ever since our incorporation. Our strength can be attributed to a number of factors i.e. commitment to our core values, loyalty and integrity to our industry partners, and experienced professionals with prescience and abilities to breakthrough obstacles.

Today we have grown into one of the leading "Gram Flour" manufacturers from India.

Normally Gram Flour is manufactured in small scale industry using conventional methods. Large number of laboures is employed for cleaning & grading, hand picking foreign materials and other impurities. He introduced mechanize unit for manufacturing Gram Flour machineries Equipped with latest type of cleaning, grading & pulverizing equipments & output of very high quality of natural colour, aroma and tasty Gram Flour is ensured.  Presently the products command premium price in the market as well as reduce the strength of power and laboures.
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